Ornamental Plants 
From Costa Rica to the World

We are a Costa Rican family business dedicated to the sowing, production and export of ornamental plants, with more than 20 years in the market providing quality and variety to all our clients, we have our own crops, which allows us to have the necessary care for a higher quality of the final product.

Welcome to Plantas de mi Tierra

Our Varieties

Mondo Grass Dwarf
This dwarf variety, only half the size of the others, creates a lush ground cover of dense, dark green, grass-like bushes.
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Liriope Super Blue

It is a plant with green-blue foliage, its flowers are lilac and it is widely used in gardens. The big blue has an approximate size of 20 cm...
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Liriope Ever Green

It is a beautiful, lush plant that grows very well in full sun, partial or full shade. Its leaves are dark green, it spreads very well, its flowers are purple.
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Dianella Tasmanica

The leaves are long, narrow and tapered with a tendency to curve slightly inwards, sometimes the edges are finely toothed...
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About Us

Plantas de mi tierrra

Our company is dedicated to the production and export of ornamental plants called Liriopes located in San Juan, Poás. Alajuela. Costa Rica. We have 10 varieties of them and approximately 25 hectares of production.
With 20 years of experience in the market.
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